San Jose Ave in San Francisco Has Been Paved

Regular readers of this journal have noticed that I get a bit ornery about the poor state of San Francisco roads. How is it that a city that has a massive budget has streets that are in such ill-repair? It is one thing if you are in a car or Google Bus dodging potholes, but on a bike you sometimes head for the sidewalks just for personal safety. I wonder how many bikers have ended up in the emergency room after taking a spill from a pot hole. OK. I shall stop my rant as progress has been made!!!

After a few years the endless infrastructure upgrades (I have a feeling some of the sewer pipes down there are new) and maybe gas pipes (they do not really tell you) the road on San Jose Ave was completely repaved and the temporary lines drawn. Man this great!. I actually thought they were taking so long because they were doing secret archaeology of a long lost native tribe, perhaps under under Fairmount Elementary School.

I find it strange that Mayor Lee was not around to cut  a ribbon as this street is literally one of the main entrances from the south into the  San Francisco. In many places the lines are now just a scribble, like they were drawn by a drunk but eventually they will make them all pretty. I know the program.

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