San Francisco and the Saga of Terrible Roads

It was over a year ago in January of 2016 that I posted  the article below, imploring the San Francisco mayor Ed Lee to focus a bit more on infrastructure.  I called the mayor’s office and sent a print out of the post below to the mayor. No results.  The roads in San Francisco are simply terrible. It has been said that they are like the roads in a third world country. I must say that in most third world countries I have visited the road s are way better. Travel through Latin America. The roads are better.

New Year’s Resolution Suggestion for Mayor Ed Lee

If you take the 14 Mission bus you get a feel for just how bad these roads are, as the bus is literally bouncing all over the road.  I mentioned this to a 14 Mission bus driver while departing from the bus and she said “all the roads in this city are really bad.” The wear and tear on the Muni buses must be great and the costs just get us down the road.

The San Francisco economy is bursting at the seams. Now is the time! How can the roads be in such ill-repair? One day last week while riding to work I saw a group of people meeting around a new sidewalk rock garden on Mission and Valencia. I asked a person what was going on and what was happening with the crappy roads. The man, evidently working for the city, said that they were schedule to repave this section of Mission this weekend but because of the rain it may be delayed. I asked about San Jose avenue a few blocks away and he said he had no idea. I am not confident anything will happen out here in the hinterland south of Cesar Chavez.

A year later here are the photos of the same places as the year before.





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