Mission and Valencia Street Repair Finished

Pretty refreshing that the city got around to doing some road repair on Mission Street at Valencia.  Por fin! This is a very busy intersection and in the repair they moved the bus stop further north which was a good move. Below are some composite creations of the old fading into the new. They did a pretty good job overall. Did some drainage work. More concrete! More concrete! Those buses are heavy!

(click om images)

San Jose Ave
Now just repair San Jose Ave. San Jose is a disaster and I challenge any city official to ride a bike down that bike lane. San Jose Ave has been like Swiss cheese for years.

The other amazing thing about San Jose is that for nine months the city and sometimes a contractor parks a backhoe at the corner of San Jose and Dolores Street. I know parking is bad in the city but parking a backhoe from months on end at San Jose and Dolores, a main thoroughfare  is pretty ridiculous.  Just finish the job! Maybe by the year 2020 San Jose will be resurfaced?

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