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It is strange feeling when you are at a place a few weeks before a traumatic event. Barcelona in 2017 is just that sort of place for us. We were there in late July and now in mid-August we read and see of the tragic mayhem on La Ramblas. Sorry to hear about this. Barcelona will bounce back from this. To what end is this act of senseless violence?

Some of my ideas for writing blog posts, I found crumpled on a piece of paper in my wallet from this trip to Europe. Here they are as random ramblings.

The Barcelona Waitress
One night we searched out paella. In one restaurant the waitress/host said that they did not serve paella but that if we went to this other restaurant “they make the best.” After many turns though the narrow streets of Barcelona and up La Ramblas and then another turn we made it to the restaurant. The paella was indeed great and the food was all really good but what got me was the waitress. She spoke five languages really well. Spanish, Catatonia, German, French and English. I began to wonder if there are many waitresses that go on to careers in international relations. This woman, in her mid-twenties seemed a likely candidate.

Paella is not baked, boiled, toasted, steamed, poached or sauteed. Paella is drenched.

The Paris Waiter
Having waited tables for about 20 years in a former life, I am always fascinated by waiters and bartenders. I find a busy bar to be extremely entertaining. It is a place where, because of the business of the place sometimes, becomes a zen zone. Pouring beers while making change while creating a Moscow mule. All done with a rhythm and flow. In Paris one morning we had some coffee and a croissant at a cafe by a metro stop. The waiter, a career waiter you could tell, was perfect. Coffee and croissant in a moments notice, all a bit invisibly delivered. Check at the perfect time. All done. To the train.

French Bike Helmets
Not sure if it a style thing or tradition but people in France rarely wear bike helmets. Middle age men in suits and ties riding their ancient 3 speeds. No helmet. Maybe they just need more fashionable designs? Make one that looks like a baguette, or perhaps like some Camembert cheese. It was great to see all the folks on bikes. We rode the buses and trains.




Norther Spain

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  1. Lucky ducky – I want to see Kai play a gig, Paul.
    I am bringing Joni – maybe even make it a surprise –
    rose V Buchau

    PS stay off the fish and chips – they are disgustingly fattening

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