Double Parking in the Bike Lane

Just the local enforcer with a convenient pdf download, for when you are riding down Valencia and there is the Uber car with the flashers on for five minutes smack dab in the bike lane. The SFPD simply does not enforce this law and instead of getting pissed off I simply put these notices under the windshield of the offender.

V21211 – In the Bike Lane Notice – pdf

As an added bonus, here is the chorus to a song called Bike Lane by Luke French

Bike Lane

by Lucas French

On that old bike Lane I’ll ride it once again. Just no longer will I ride with you.
I saw you pretending indifferent. From the warmth of your automobile. This road has broken some strong ones. But it’s never gonna take my will.
The path beneath us is wicked, and best traveled on two wheels.

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